What is an Edit? How do I add items to my Edit?

Welcome to Vince Unfold. After you’ve used your email address to register for Vince Unfold, you can start creating a virtual Edit. Begin by logging in to your registered account and clicking on the hanger icon in the upper right hand of the page. Inside Your Edit you can view the following: At-Home, Wish List and On-Hold.

At-Home displays all items that have been shipped to you. This includes items that are en route, in your possession and shipped out for return. You can also track packages and buy items in this section.

Wish List is where you maintain the curated selection of pieces that you'd like to rent. Make sure you fulfill your Edit minimum of 10 items to receive the best shipping experience possible. Add as many pieces to your Edit as you’d like. We suggest maintaining an average of 24 items.

The On-Hold section holds all the items you'd like keep bookmarked to rent at a later date—for instance, for an upcoming occasion. When you are ready, move the item from On-Hold to Wish List.

For items you’re no longer interested in receiving, click Hold or Delete under the image of your choice.

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